Cool Smoke Cooking School Terms and Conditions

Seats are limited and the only way to reserve your seat is to complete our sign up page and make your payment. No deposits or holding seats. It is on a first come, first serve basis. In the event you are unable to attend the classes you are registered for, you will be eligible to attend any future class with a space available. There is not a refund on class registration fees.

In consideration of Tuffy, or whatever entity is being paid, accepting this application, I, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs, successors, assigns, and representatives, release, acquit, remise, waive, disclaim and forever discharge [even is an entity is taking the money, include Tuffy, agents, employees, etc], from any and all liabilities, obligations, claims, demands, causes of action, controversies, damages, suits, defenses or remedies each or all of them have or may have of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, from the beginning of time up to, including, and through my participation in the [name of class, event etc.] arising out of, resulting from, or in any way relating to my participation in [name of class, event etc.]. For the same consideration, I, the undesigned, also hereby irrevocably and unconditionally grant to [whomever is taking payment and Tuffy, including agents etc], the absolute right and permission to make photographic, audio, video, or other recordings of me and/or drawings or renderings of me, which may feature or simulate my name, likeness, image, voice, or other aspects of my persona, as well as my written or spoken words, and/or other statements; and to use, publish, reproduce, broadcast, digitize, edit, reformat, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, create derivative works of, combine with other materials, or otherwise exploit all of the above, or any part or derivative thereof, with or without my name or other attribution, at no charge, perpetually, worldwide, and in all media and by all means now known or later devised, whether for commercial or noncommercial advertising, publicity, promotional, trade, editorial, research, or any other lawful purposes.

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